With Gratitude

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Reflections

One of my business partners signs their emails with the phrase, “With Gratitude.” I always thought it was a nice way to close an email.

I started to think more about it on this gray, dreary New York morning, as I was warm under my covers. I was feeling overwhelmed with things to do, and I didn’t want to get up and face the day. I knew it was going to be a long one; non-stop with a full calendar. Part of me was wishing to fast-forward through this day; the last day of the week for me before I put the “out of office” notification on, and headed out for some much-needed time with family.

What if I could change the way I was thinking about the busy day, and I could do all of the “to-do’s” with gratitude?

  • Meetings with clients: grateful for the skills to serve, the opportunity to interact with others and do work I love
  • My assigned family bake: thankful for the ability to stand on my feet and use my hands to create something for dear family members
  • Bills to pay: appreciation for things others may not have
  • An apartment to clean: thankful l for my humble abode
  • Laundry to do: grateful for the clothing to wear

The more I thought about this, the more enthusiastic I was to start my day.

It was the exact reframe I needed; to think of all of my tasks as a gift.

What are you going to do today “with gratitude?”

A Happy Thanksgiving to All!

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