You have the answers to the questions you’ve been mulling over and over. Yet the steps to move forward have eluded you. I can help you find the clarity to feel confident in your next action steps.

When I tell people I’m an Executive and Leadership Coach, they typically respond with, “Oh, that sounds great…what is coaching?”

Many use the terms coaching, consulting, therapy, and mentoring interchangeably. While there is some overlap, these forms of support are different in their purpose and goals. Coaching is a process that focuses on building internal and external awareness with the client. The process of coaching is oriented toward building skills for success in the professional and personal settings, as an individual or as a team. It differs from therapy (internal awareness geared toward feeling better and behavior modification), consulting (external awareness generated for problem-solving related to a task or project), and mentoring (giving advice and providing support).


Recently promoted or identified for promotion?

Need to work on a few things identified in your performance review?

Internal politics tripping you up?

I’ve been there. I know the perspective of the employee and the leader. I’ve also been coached. I have experienced and understand the coaching journey, from the coach and the client perspective. When people work with me, they find an active and engaged coach who helps achieve awareness and acceptance of where you are, and supports you in moving to where you want to go.


Have you identified employees for advancement who may benefit from working with a coach?

Do you have employees in your department or on your team who might have blind spots inhibiting their highest potential?

Do you have the right leaders in the right place at the right time?

Coaching is all about raising awareness in a supportive space where the client can fully explore who they are and who they want to become. I work in organizations’ leader development programs to do just that. Clients build rapport and trust with me quickly; many times it is because I have lived in their world. I understand the rewards and challenges of being a department chair, a physician, an executive, a nurse leader, and an emerging high-potential employee.

I know firsthand the importance of leading change, navigating politics, and building interpersonal relationships in the leadership realm—and doing it well! These are only some of the challenges my clients face. By working with a proactive coach who shares their lens, my clients gain new perspectives and are inspired by provocative questions designed to help them reconsider and reframe the beliefs that hold them back. In turn, my clients’ organizations benefit from a more self-aware, productive, and focused employee, who is more ready and better adept at tackling the challenges that leadership positions and stressful corporate environments bring.


Do you have a team that discusses the same topics on repeat with no progress?

Does your team distribute lengthy “vanilla agendas” each time you meet, prioritize being polite over tackling the tough stuff, and seem stuck in neutral?

Or is your team the opposite, freely attempting to tackle tough topics but not using conflict productively?

Some teams think they are teams, but they really are groups. Where there is a team, there is trust, respectful disagreement, synergy, and productivity. I have a proven track record for bringing these elements back to teams. Want to take the pain out of the team process and see more forward movement? Sure, it’s not easy work, but the work does work. How painful and costly is it to have a team stuck in this same cycle of “talk about nothing, get nothing done?”

I can help you. Contact me for more information or to discuss scope of work or to develop a proposal

“The benefits of being coached by Nancy were enormous. Nancy is a very skilled coach whose facilitation skills allow the client to identify their goals, focus on their issues and come up with strategies for clear, positive change. It was interesting how quickly I was able to feel like I could trust Nancy. I believe she creates a safe, holding environment that makes it easy for the client to be a partner and take next steps towards clear growth and change.”

– Pam Albert, MA ADTR GCC
Coach & Consultant / Catalyst for Positive Change

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