Got problems that feel too overwhelming to tackle? I get it—and I can help.

Having strong professional relationships is THE critical path to results. Building trust quickly allows for faster and more real progress. Employees are the real gold in an organization, and their development and growth into leaders is vital to the success of the organization. I carry this awareness into each engagement with each client and keep it at the forefront of everything we do.

People have called me the fixer. I’ve mapped out new processes in areas where leaders saw no hope for improvement. I have driven sustained change, on both small and large scales, with individuals and teams, proven by data.

Here are some of my specialties:

Process Improvement: Taking a process that’s inefficient and painful for all involved and leading the team in creating a new process. PI reduces the waste, creates efficiency, and aligns with client and employee satisfaction and outcome goals.

Project Leadership: Taking a floundering project, drawing out obstacles to success, and building a structure and process to move forward. Project leadership injects excitement when the team starts to see movement.

Change Management: A significant culture change is likely one of the biggest headaches for an executive. It doesn’t have to be this way. I take culture changes that seem big and hairy and break them down into manageable steps that we take together, one at a time. Rather than working against resistance, I teach my clients how to work through it and use it productively. Are you breathing easier already?

Leader Development: One of the biggest challenges for any organization is having the right leaders in place at the right time. Many people have said they don’t know where to start when it comes to assessing and developing talent and thinking about succession planning. I can help you determine who your leaders are and how to give them the right skills and support needed to continue contributing to your organization.

When you work with me, you’ll have a collaborative partner who takes the time to actively listen and understand your challenges and your unique needs. You’ll find a seasoned consultant who balances an optimistic stance with a practical approach to get to the desired outcome.

I bring positive energy and a can-do attitude to tough problems. In business, there are plenty of tough problems. I know—I’ve experienced them from both the leadership and the clinical sides. And I know that together, we can handle them. We may even have fun doing it!

You will then have a better story to tell your executive team, your leaders, your Board.

I can help you. Contact me for more information or to discuss scope of work or to develop a proposal

“I had the great fortune of working with Nancy Jacoby for over 15 years. During that time she demonstrated important attributes that make her a highly sought after consultant including:

  • Ability to build professional relationships with clients based upon trust
  • Appreciates politics of organizations and adapts to each culture in the manner needed to achieve success
  • Understands project need from both strategic and tactical contexts and can scope work accurately
  • Delivers an executive level, presentation-ready product
  • Demonstrates competence and an executive presence in interactions

We look forward to continuing to work with Nancy and benefitting from her skills and experience.”

– Joseph D. Zuckerman, MD
Walter A.L. Thompson Professor of Orthopedic Surgery and Chair, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, NYU Langone Health

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