Navigating Assertiveness

 For women leaders at any level committed to building their confidence, competency and courage to engage assertively in a complex professional world

(Bonus: You’ll meet new people and have FUN!)

Group Dates

Mar. 12, 19, 26, Apr. 2, 9, 16 (7-8pm ET)

Duration All sessions are 60 minutes.
Exclusive Offer Two 1:1 Coaching Sessions
Investment $999

Are you ready to learn EXACTLY how to respond in those “HOT” moments you experience as a leader?

If you’re like the leaders I know, you’ve had these moments. You’re not alone: it comes with the job.
Someone says something or does something that insults you, your work or your intelligence.
Someone challenges or is disrespectful of your position or expertise.
Someone hits on a value or principle that is near and dear to you.
You think you have a plan for how to respond, but then the “hot moment” is upon you, and…

  • You freeze or stammer The plan you had in your head evaporates, and you go blank. You don’t know what to say, or can’t seem to say what you need to say.
  • You lose your cool Something gets under your skin and you start coming in hot. You say something you don’t mean and you instantly want a do-over.
  • You lose your confidence to hold your position or boundaries, say “no” or to stay in command so you can get the outcomes you want.

Then afterwards, you ruminate on what COULD have happened or SHOULD have happened—and you feel disappointed and deflated. You may even lose sleep (I know I did.)

Then the feedback comes:

  • “Too” aggressive “too tough,” “abrasive,” “harsh”
  • “Too” sensitive “you take things too personally,” “you need to get tougher,” “you need to build a thicker skin”
  • “Too” intense “You present too strongly,” “You are intimidating,” “You need to harness your emotions.”

Or even the big “B” word (hint: starts with a “B” and ends with an itch)

I’ve experienced all of these things, and it stinks. I don’t want this to happen to you.

You KNOW if you could talk things through and develop your strategy, your confidence would kick into gear and you would navigate these situations and manage yourself LIKE THE BOSS YOU ARE when it was “go time”

And… you’re right.

Because when you  1. Are competent in your skills, 2. You show up feeling more confidence, and, 3. You get noticed…in the best way possible. For your poise. Your presence. Your knowing EXACTLY how to harness your POWER and stay in control.

Then your leadership star begins to rise…

Being a nurse and a healthcare leader for almost 25 years, I’ve had MANY of these experiences: the good, the bad and the ugly (and trust me, some of it was really ugly). I’m bringing my lessons learned and EXPERT experience to to help YOU feel confident and to succeed.

Join me and other smart, successful women leaders in the group. We’ll tackle the dynamics behind these “Hot Moments,” talk about fun topics like power and control, and we’ll debrief real-world workplace scenarios.

You’ll get real time EXPERT feedback from me and your esteemed peers that is immediately actionable.
You’ll also get 1:1 time with me to further refine your approach and solidify your action plan.

Sound good?

The next cohort begins March 12th. All sessions 7-8pmET

Group sizes are limited so please register now!

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